David Gelinas

Impassioned human of software development, green technology and healthy living.

What I Do

Launch Innovative New Products

I thrive in environments where I need to understand new technologies and concepts. I've launched products for several health companies, ranging from AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ML (Machine Learning) chat bots, apps for smart devices, integrations for lab tests and big data products heavily customized for users leveraging DMPs (Data Management Platforms).

Technology Advisor

Experience with and advising C-Level executives and Private Equity/Investment executive leadership having performed technology assessments on over 70 companies.

Servant Leadership & Self Organized teams

During my tenure at WebMD, I was responsible for 20 Agile Scrum teams, whom I coached and provided mentorship to, resulting in creating highly product self-organizing teams. Nothing more satisfying than seeing a team come together, find common purpose and commitment to the quality and results of what they are building.

Business Process Automation / Low-code platform wiz

Self-learned Salesforce's platform to support a client launching a Health chatbot application leveraging Salesforce as system of record. Architected and developed internal applications using Salesforce supporting Sales, Marketing, Operations and Human Resources including integrations with various other platforms.

Health & Betterment

I'm committed to feeling my best and taking care of my body. As I explore new health remedies, technology and exercises, I will share these experiences as part of my blog site. I have tried many things, such as making my own Kombucha, Kefir and now currently experimenting with Sea Moss.

Green Advocacy

Taking caring of our planet is important to me. I do my part and supports others in protecting and nourishing our beautiful planet. My dream is to create a way for homes to be more affordable and sustainable while also using renewable resources.

The Great Outdoors

I recently moved to Colorado after spending most of my life on the east coast, including five years in New York City. I had fun in the City but nature is my new love. I spend as much time as I can exploring new trails and enjoying water activities such as paddle boarding.